Haynes Remote Learning Adventures Week 1

Wow what a week!!

I’m ready for a refreshing cold glass of wine.

My sleep schedule is all off.

When was once nap/rest time here, is now broken up into running to Zivah’s school, doing classwork, having lunch, then laying down.

Zivah has no sense of time; however, she wouldn’t at this age. Online schooling requires great discipline from adults. We can’t expect such high standards from 6-7 year olds.

It’s my goal to guide her to more responsibility. Thank God repetitious patterns usually develop such a necessity.

My Calandra is hating this staying at home so much crap. Ironically, I can relate! It’s tough; but, I’m trying to use the same time to have her practice skills associated with her age.

YouTube is a fantastic resource to help with learning! Yes there’s tons of how-to’s … but, there’s tons of age appropriate videos for kids.

The material from the teachers hasn’t been difficult. It’s the first week; I didn’t expect it to be hard.

What was a pain was this IPad from her school. I went to material pick up day 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I stood then sat, for over an hour, with two kids!! GUUUHHHH!! That was last week! Yesterday, I noticed a few apps weren’t downloading. I took this stupid iPad (not really! I appreciate they provided it.) back to the school. Another hour plus wait… and it’s still not how I need it.

There was tons of tech problems this week. I feel terrible for the parents, or worse yet Grandparents who don’t know how to operate it at all. What a time gap issue!

I’m thankful that this week is done! All the “ newness” off it will rub off; and, we’ll find more effective ways of accomplishing everything.

How has everyone been this week? I’m especially interested in hearing about teachers and/or parents school year!

With Love & Light



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