Six Word Story: Face It

Survivors guilt is a real thing!

You’d think I wouldn’t feel this way. After all, his death was five years ago. I do something, though. I did this morning. It was so strange how it hit me, completely out of nowhere. I sat with it, letting it making me sad… and guilty. I almost cried. Then, it passed… as it always does.

Our emotions are constantly changing. I’m not even sure I can say they’re trustworthy enough to act upon… I can and will say, they’re valid, real, and important.

I hope you sit with what you feel. I hope you listen to what they’re teaching you. I hope you work through the lesson; release them back out into the universe… and thank them for challenging you to grow. Consider this a way to invest into yourself and your future.

You’ll be a better version of you because of it.


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2 thoughts on “Six Word Story: Face It

  1. Emotions are real, valid, and important. Indeed! I couldn’t agree more.
    Great post and well written.

    Much love and abundance. Take care and stay safe.🤗💕

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