Hey Everyone:

Tonight, I got an intuitive feeling that I need to reach out.

With all this crazy in our world, our mental health has challenged many of us!

Right now, I want to reach out to the person who’s attempting to end life. I am speaking specifically to you who’s trying to “find the courage” to successfully slice your wrists.

I HEAR you love! I see the scars, your permanent tears and cries. I know you’re overwhelmed with family quarrels, work overload, and possibly a health condition.

I know that you feel weak, a burden to everyone who knows you. I want and need to reassure you that you’re not!! Those negative voices that won’t shut up, are telling you lies!

You are a gift, to everyone who loves you. You are the piece to complete puzzle, of so many realities. You are talented, special, appreciated, intelligent, and so much more.

There’s a reason why our lives have aligned today; and, I’m always here if you’d like to talk! Life can be so hard. None of us can handle it alone.

You’re not alone, though you don’t believe it. I’m sending tons of hugs, love, and prayers!!

✖️ If anyone ever gets to this point, please reach out to me!✖️

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè


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