Unbreakable Secret

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Oh how the unbreakable walls remained, damaged by graffiti & weather. Despite it all, they continue to hold Greeneville’s darkest secrets.

One year, on Halloween night, Kipper and his friends thought it’d be hilarious to play a practical joke on a family. Innocently, it was usually toilet paper in someone’s tree or some other typical juvenile prank. On the night marking the 6th year, the High School Seniors planned something extra cruel. Supposedly, there was a family of midgets that lived in town. Their last name was Romannburgh. Rumor has it, the boys kidnapped the father and twin boys of the family five. Next, they were supposedly pushed down Chestnut Hill towards River Ridge. Then, they were to have pulled them inside Coal Mine Cove and forced them to stand in buckets of raw eggs.

That was the last anyone had heard or seen Kip and his crew. Mr Rommannburgh, Joey, and Joel were interviewed but the case went cold. Many presumed they were eaten by Bigfoot; while others swear they hear men muttering by the old Coal Mine Cove.

Written for the Word of the Day: unbreakable


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