Improving Your Mental Health

Chances are, you’re struggling or have, recently, struggled with intrusive thoughts. It’s all too common these days. Rather than allowing your mind to continue, here’s a few suggestions to try.

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Furthermore, removing negative thoughts will leave space for you to improve your mental balance. It’ll allow you to fill your mind, body, spirit, and soul with a healthy dose of good.

From 99 Ways To Improve Your Mental Balance, here’s a short list of my favorite ideas.

  1. Spend more time in nature, and other spiritual places.
  2. Create a tranquil spot for mental health care in your home.
  3. Write often, whether it a gratitude list or detailed description of an experience to help identify triggers.
  4. Rather than worrying about your problem, try to find a solution.
  5. Stop expecting people to behave the way you want them too.
  6. Create a positive attitude playlist or list of podcasts.
  7. Write/Print & hang affirmations in your frequently visited spaces.
  8. Actually talk about your thoughts with someone you trust.
  9. Acknowledge and celebrate every achievement ( no matter how small! Such as treating yourself to some dark chocolate, which helps mental health issues!)
  10. Find a relaxing hobby to engage in, to replace idleness and worry. This works great with music/podcasts.

There are many more excellent ideas available on the original website. You can find that in the hyperlink above. I hope you find yourself a bit more relaxed now, and if not, you allow yourself time to do so. You deserve the best life, and the opportunities to be the best you.

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