The Unchosen Few

Some of us can see a much bigger picture.

We have an intuition that speaks beyond reason.

The value of that gift is unmeasurable.

The burden is also unmeasurable.

We bear the undefinable pain in truth.

We live an indescribable freedom in translation.

We carry out the natural order of events,

That which we’re destined to intercede.

The journey for some of us

Is to bravely face the fog and confusion

To direct with an abrupt voice of reason,

To guide with a genuine intention.

Clarity is our purpose on this

Long and complex path

Of Destiny.

5 thoughts on “The Unchosen Few

  1. Wow. This is beautiful! As an INFJ, I wholeheartedly understand and relate to this. You’re right, getting through the fog to bring clarity and hope is a purpose worth pursuing! Love this! ♥️

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