Everyday Extraordinary People

While watching Regular Heroes on Amazon Prime, I thought about what that means.

Coincidentally, this morning, I was “in therapy” with such a friend!! We were discussing something that’s real in my life. I felt heard. I felt understood. I knew this individual and I had parallel situations; and, the conversation would benefit us both. In the busyness of their day, there was space for me.. undivided attention to what I said… no judgment casted upon my words, feelings, or decisions. There was no excessive unsolicited “expert advice” that so many nonprofessionals like to, automatically, give.

To me, this person is an example of what I call “ Everyday Extraordinary People”. They’re one of a few individuals, who, naturally, go above and beyond for others, simply because they are able.

This post is for them💜!

They know who they are💜💜 I just wanted to say Thank You!! 💜


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