Thoughts 2 Ponder

Good Morning Writing Community 💜

How has your weekend been? Did something amazing happen? What stood out the most?

Did you witness a miracle? Did you accomplish a challenging goal? Did you spend time with that which is good for you? Did you laugh? Did you savor a moment, or thoroughly enjoy a meal?

Did you see a wonder in nature? Did you see a family member? Did you spend time with your pet? Did you feel the excitement of a new flower bloom or the first sip of your favorite drink?

What about a perfect sunset, were you blessed to see that? And running water… did you give thanks for that? Your trip to the grocery store, went smoothly and without delay? Did someone hold the door open for you?

I watched a movie this morning that reminded me of a quote.

You can live life as if everything is a miracle or as if nothing is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

Some things to ponder today 🙏🏼


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