Mistake in Mistaken

Something I’ve never told anyone,
At some point in my life, I believed I was born “the wrong gender” because I KNEW I was attracted to women.

I actually believed I was meant to be my brother’s twin brother, that I was a “mistaken” gender.

Imagine that for a moment.

In my life, that’s the only reasoning that made sense. That’s the only explanation I could convince myself, would be acceptable to others.

As if I needed approval,

Or their acceptance,

Or as if it’s the ONLY way

I’ll earn their love.

Imagine that life… where you feel you’re a mistaken gender simply because who you are isn’t acceptable in your household.

I know all of us have faced hardships.. but right now, I’m speaking on behalf of myself.. a bisexual and demisexual female.

There’s nothing wrong with the way I am. There’s nothing wrong with the fact that I’m attracted to both genders. There’s nothing wrong with the belief that that’s ok.

What’s NOT ok, is someone feeling like a “mistake”. What’s not ok is someone feeling like they’re “wrong” just in their identity because “logic in society” tells them as much.

When you begin to question what YOU don’t understand about LGBTQA+ and sexuality, consider what we (WITHIN this community) have questioned first.

I can guarantee you, we’ve criticized, beat up, hid, questioned, and denied it more so than anyone else in our lives.

It’s BRAVE to acknowledge truth. It’s BRAVER to speak #truth… and it’s the #bravest to walk it, in this world.

To accept the difficulty that being “different” brings, is to stand up for oneself. To recognize the road ahead won’t be fair… but, to do it anyway.

Live Life in Color 🎨

Be Kind


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13 thoughts on “Mistake in Mistaken

  1. I hope you will always just be you. I had never heard the term demisexual so I looked it up – what I learned new today! My 29-year-old calls herself queer and keeps me on top of the correct wordage, but that one I didn’t know. I LOVE when my friends ask me questions or the differences between the names because it means they want to learn. This past weekend, my daughter was not included in invites to a family bbq and almost everyone told my SIL off and turned down the invite. It felt good to have the support, but so sad at the same time. Between this, politics, and racism – family is definitely changing! Sorry for the ramble. xoxo

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    1. Thank You for sharing your story with me. It’s heartbreaking indeed, to hear this happened to your daughter. I’m sure she really appreciated your support though💗💗 I think you’re awesome for having her back.



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