Friday Fictioneers: September Day

Every Friday, Rachelle Wisoff-Fields hosts a challenging adventure called Friday Fictioneers. She provides an intriguing photo (providing credit to the appropriate individual). She asks writers to create a piece, with only 100 words, from the inspiration the image provides.

Here is the chosen winner for July 3rd:

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

” Ironic, isn’t it?” Keefan mumbled to Jasper, his taxi driver.

” Sir?” Jasper inquisitively questioned.

” There, to your left. The orange and black sign.” Keefan directed their affection.

“ Indeed, Sir!” Jasper concluded in a whisper.

“ Do you remember where you were that September morning?” Keefan continued.

” I was just awakened by my boo, sipping on my favorite mocha cappuccino, and preparing for a quiet time reading the paper.” He answered with a breathy few sentences.

“ Do you Sir?” Jasper returned the question.

“ More than I wish too, actually! “ Keefan said, shifting his weight to the right side.


All Rights Reserved

Come be groggy at the party! Lots of readers have submitted their stories about this prompt.

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