The details of this challenge can be found here. This is one of my favorite challenges. Give it a whirl if you’re looking for a new angle with writing.


As I sit here and reflect on the conversation Kim & I had, I consider how much “stuff” I’ve actually been through. I sit here and reflect, acknowledging my mistakes, accepting this hella hard road as mine.

Then, my mind, as it aways does… expands on that… To the greater masses. I am sitting here considering the hell we all been through. Our stories are different. Our mistakes are also probably different.

The ageless and faceless pain is the same. The pain feels the same. The chest heavy, gut wrenching, night haunting, endless sleepless hours…

At one point in time, the tensity of our reality felt like it was going to suffocate us to our last breath. The situation ran in slow motion and fast forward at the same time. The moments happened so unexpectedly, and we weren’t ready.

We didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. We didn’t plan on this, not any time soon. We didn’t prepare for the impact it would have on our lives. We didn’t know how to adapt. We didn’t get to say all that needed said. We didn’t get to fix what needed mended.

Hear me, dear ones.. I may not have parallel experiences as you, but I know the pain you’ve felt.. And I KNOW the pain you FEEL…

It’s not limited to a time and place. It’s not bound by distance and borders. Pain visits us all… That you can rest assure…

And it’s how you handle it that decides who you are.. Each one of us could understand that pain.. Though our stories are different.

It’s the bittersweet balance in this life.



  1. Agree, everyone has different life experiences and the pain is real for each person. I think it’s the pain that makes us reach out to others and to know that we are not alone. I like your words, “Pain visits us all…” No one is exempt from it.
    Looking forward to reading more of your writing! Thank you for following my blog, and I’m returning the compliment.

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