Gifts of My Life

Today, I’m thankful.

for the rain that replenishes the water in our ground.

for the welcome breeze that comes through my opened window.

for the gift of order in our country, where bombs aren’t dropping.

for the times when children can play safely, and adults can visit.

for the birds and the quiet that accompany me while I have my coffee.

for the man that has worked tirelessly to keep the US safe, and yet never ceased to have the genuine enthusiasm and time for me.

for the monetary assistance from our schools, that would have been given to my child in the form of lunch and breakfast.

for the kindness of acquaintances and the opportunities to be kind.

I’m holding a heart full of gratitude and adoration, hope and joy today! I’m blessed, endlessly blessed.


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7 thoughts on “Gifts of My Life

      1. Today I’m feeling very grateful for the love and kindness that I’ve received from a couple of rockstar people in my life ❤ I'm all about self-love but some things you can only receive from others

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