These are My Confessions

READY? Let’s begin:

    Hi, my name is Nova.. but I also go by Brandy.. but my legal name is Brooke (yuck🤮)!
    I can not wear artificial nails! Guh!! I just put them on two hours ago, semi-excited. After that, I tried typing… And changing a pull up! Just… Ewww!
    Sometimes, I double dip!! It’s true, it’s true. Guess I’m selfish like that.
    Once in a while, I drink right out of the milk jug! Ha, I would lose it if I saw my girls doing that… But, guilty as charged!
    I spoiled myself with a new eyeshadow pallet this week! I know the tutorials on Pinterest have inspired me to practice makeup art. I bought this one for under $10 on Amazon! Self care isn’t selfish.
    Treating myself with compassion and grace is necessary.

🤷🏼‍♀️Perfectly Imperfect ~ ©️2020Nova

All Rights Reserved

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