Sometimes, I ask myself…

Do you ever stop for a moment, and ask yourself a particular question?

I know I do… And I’m thankful that I allow myself to do it.

Where there is questioning, there’s room for growth. There’s a student, and a golden opportunity to learn. There’s freedom of education… And a blessing to discover.

It hasn’t always been, someone could simply “Google” the answer to an itch of interest… Siri and Alexa weren’t even conceptualized three decades ago. The liberty of free education… And the gift of reading had only been this past 55+ years.

Less than a century ago, the knowledge of the time rarely landed on the laps of those who needed or appreciated it.

I ask myself questions… all the time. When I’m out in public, I’ll ask others questions. I don’t know everything, nor will I ever. I do; however, have an unquenchable thirst for new details… It’s those details, that which to learn, that puts me in awe of how vast and diverse, magical and mysterious, remarkable and independent this world is.

I hope you allow yourself the opportunity to wonder… about everything and anything. I hope tastefully the subjects beg you to google or read up, to learn something new.

This one life, and how quickly it passes… never quit learning❤️

7 thoughts on “Sometimes, I ask myself…

  1. You are a conduit for Universal knowledge.

    Always, we can keep learning and tap into that freedom to learn.

    “There’s freedom of education.”

    Love this,


    Liked by 1 person


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