Pancakes Anyone?

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening #WritingCommunity! If you’re on Twitter, I’m certain you appreciate that little number sign. It’s crazy how something that appears significantly insignificant actually is.

Anyhow, while coloring this image, I began questioning myself, what’s to learn about pancakes:)

Here’s some history:

Pancake Day is another name for Shrive Tuesday, from the custom of eating pancakes on this day, still generally observed.

Shrive is an old Saxon word, of which shrove is a corruption and signifies confession.

The custom of dining on pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is Roman Catholic origin that on the day when all rejoiced alike in the forgiveness of their sins, all should feast alike on the same simple dish. The pancakes were prepared, denoted by the ringing of the ‘pancake bell’ from the church tower.

World Food History

Taken from Betty Crocker. Com

1985 – Bisquick becomes the official sponsor of National Pancake Week, creating a weeklong celebration of all things pancake.

1995 – The largest pancake ever flipped was made in Rochdale, United Kingdom. It measured 16.4 yards across, weighed 3 tons and took more than just a frying pan to flip it over. 

2008 – Actor Rainn Wilson creates, a feel good website that encourages people to explore what it means to be human with a little laughter along the way.

These fluffy stacks of yum are perfect for any time of day! That’s my opinion anyway:)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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