Someplace “Normal”

Talking to my therapist this past week, I mentioned that I’d love for something… anything, to feel normal. I thought more about “normal”… and the fact that humans are creatures of habit. We almost need to have a piece of our lives feel familiar, so that we feel “still in control” of ourselves. We need that “what we know” so that we feel “safe” and “certain”… About something.

For months, my life has felt everything but what it was previously. If I sit and think about it long enough, it’d indeed, make me nauseous.

Today, unexpectedly, I was about to capture a piece of that familiar joy… with the perfect temperature, perfect everything. I was so thankful!

Here’s a few photos:

I hope you seek that place that helps you to reconnect with what was before Covid19. I hope you find something that reminds you of the good and incredible wonder in this world. I hope this week, there’s, at least, one moment that captures all your mind, heart, and soul… So that it can tell you that story of restored hope and faith.

Have an incredible week my friends.

I love you.

With Love & Light:

Nova Namastè

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