Work to be done

With so much turmoil in our streets, and the injustice in our neighborhoods…. I find it heavily discouraging for me to try and write. I don’t have words…

but… words have solved so little, in my understanding of history.

With that said, I’ve dived into #blacklivesmatter with both feet. I have two biracial children. I have loved ones who aren’t white. I have my reasons, not that I need ANY, to support this movement.

I’m not sure when I will return to writing. I know I won’t use this platform for advocating the cause… so, I hope to see you around the net.

Until every gay black man, every trans white woman, every Mexican, every human being is treated with equality, given equal opportunity, and viewed as one race, there’s work to be done.

Whether here in my country, or in yours.

3 thoughts on “Work to be done


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