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June 30th Challenges

CitySonnet: Color & Letter Challenge

June 30, 2020: Coral Pink

Photo taken by Benjamin Suter via Pexels.

CitySonnet: Photo Challenge

June 30, 2020: Goodbye June

Photo Credit Pinterest

Have a blessed day everyone!

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Well Shyyyttt

I try my best to radiate positivity and divulge wisdom as much as possible.

Tonight, though, I’m on the outs!

I’m tired. I’m moody. I’m very uninterested in giving much of a fuck about hurting feelings.

I’m annoyed with my kids. I don’t want to mom right now… And I feel like I’m screaming at the top of my lungs…

To deaf ears. It’s a Sunday, ending as a a pile of

So, yeah… I have these kind of days too. I’m just like any one of us here.

Here’s to a better tomorrow!


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June 28th Challenge

These are the photo a day & color/letter a day challenges, hosted by CitySonnet.

Photo: Storm Color: Stormy Sea

Photo Credit: Leonardo Yip via Unsplash

Your Daily Word Prompt: Inspire

Every year, Leslie Rea dreadful Winter temperatures. Alaska is unmercifully cold; and she, repeatedly, swears she’s going to move elsewhere. Then, as quickly as she tires of monotonous layering and removing of layers simply to check her mail, the light inspires her. The sun highlights the flakes, like a brush of magic painting the ground. It’s soft and smooth pearl color spreads as far as the eyes can see. She stands in the silence, capturing the scene to her memory.   

Word of the Day Challenge: futile

” I’m futile in my escape.” Leslie chuckled to herself, as she made her way to the front door.

“ Woof Woof “ Jaxson greeted her.

“Wooooooof Woooof” Jasper insisted on adding to the colorful conversation.

“ Yes boys, I’m heading to the cans now. I know it’s dinner time. “ Leslie complied.


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📌Dear Ladies:

YOU are worth it!


📌Dear Trans Black Women:

YOUR lives matter!


📌Dear Men( all that are nonwhite race)

Mental Health means YOU’re taking care of your ENTIRE being… and that’s OK!


📌Dear Abuse Survivors:

Your Journey got you here. It’s not your IDENTITY.


📌Dear Cancer Survivors:

You CAN trust life is here.. and you CAN live it.


📌Dear Children:

I don’t know you but I love you!


📌Dear Veterans:

There’s individuals who appreciate what you’ve given and given up! I appreciate you.


📌Dear people who’ve hated me:



📌Dear people who’ve I’ve broken:

I’m sorry! I’m not perfect. I needed to grow.


📌Dear my favorites who’ve passed on:

You’re the owners of pieces of my heart! Thank for the memories!


This post doesn’t list black lives, as a whole… Not to say they aren’t included… I’ve repeatedly spoken my thoughts on that… This post is stating WE ALL have something we’re battling… and often, we hide it well! If you look into someone’s eyes, you might see their struggle. If you slow down, you might witness it. If you quiet your life, you might hear it. Stay Humble📌

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Anger causes us to say things without thinking. Sometimes, it causes us to say things that otherwise would be held back, by fear. In any and all cases, words can’t be unspoken.


Nova Namastè

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Be YOUR Truth,



Unmistakably ❤️💜🧡🖤💛💚💙🤎

You’ve got this ONE life, my love!! Don’t waste it on anything but truth.



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Thank you Followers!

Every single time I receive a heart touching message that my words spoke to him/her, my heart bursts with love. I’ve never decided to “succeed” with writing, but believed if I wrote, readers would come.

Just as you all may feel positivity and enrichment through my words, I feel such through your presence.⁣

This journey has been more fulfilling than I even dreamed.

Thanks to all of you!

I’m here.

I’ll listen.

You are not alone!

Here to write for you always!

Nova Namastè 🙏🏼💚