End of May

My mind is in reflection of what has happened this past month. So much change has taken place, that I could easily find myself in a state of panic. Thankfully, the end of the month is here… And I’ve made it to right now. Whether it’s been how I’ve wished or not, it’s not failed me in teaching lessons and showing insight into what matters. What about you? What has May taught you? How are you different, marching into June?

I’ve spent this morning filing my mind with good things: laughter and education, nature and music. Here’s a little bit to encourage you today.

Taken from the YouTube channel, Survival Builder, a homemade tunnel water slide!

Or this dog mud house & fish pond:

If you need a bit of laughter, these might do the trick:

Finally, if you just need a few moments in nature but can’t get out of the house, here’s a few soothing substitutes:

Happy Sunday. Good Day to you 🙏🏼💚


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2 thoughts on “End of May

  1. May has taught me that having boundaries with work is important and helps me get through each week. I have also learnt to really appreciate the beauty of nature around me.



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