Moon Child

I have always been in love with the moon. It’s heard my stories and secrets that no one else could keep. It’s listened over and over, every time and any time that I needed to talk. The vast sky, all the space that we can’t even comprehend… felt like an excellent place to send my fears. They flew out my bedroom window, my pain from the verbal abuse. My pain from the emotional neglect, unfair treatment, and constant confusion made it’s way to the endless darkness. My wish for my future, my daydreams of a boy, lots of intimate details were just between us. It saved my life…

I hope you find peace tonight. I hope your heart is light; and, you set all unnecessary worries aside. I hope you dare to continue dreaming, even when it feels your four walls are going to swallow you up. I hope you believe that the sun will rise again, and time will move you forward. I hope you have enough self love that you don’t give up… I hope you passionately seek all that’s meant just for you. I hope you laugh, even if it’s at the most inappropriate time.

I know our world is heavy and uncertain… But, I promise the moon will listen…and temporarily, it’ll just be the two of you.

That few moments is every bit worth it.

I promise 🙏🏼


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  1. It doesn’t cast heat or expose anything. It’s just there. It sends out its gentle light for those who want it and/or need it.

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