Do you attempt to collect positive energy, or trade for positivity when you’re feeling crummy? I think some of us do; and, we succeed. I try to, because there’s tons of good that needs released into this world.

Sometimes, however, my attempt doesn’t work. As an empath, I soak up all this energy from all that’s around me. As a Highly Sensitive Person, I don’t simply feel all… I do so on a level that remains incomprehensible to most people.

In situations like that, on days like today, the heaviness is too great. My heart broke, last night, as I watched the video footage of George Floyd. My hurt turned to intense anger as I heard further reports, and read further news on the situation.

In addition, I’m dealing with a few personal issues. I’m overwhelmed. I’m exhausted from handling my shit on my own. I’m stressed about finances (aren’t we all!??).

Sometimes, we’re not ok. Whether we’re men, women, black, Asian, Gay, rich or poor… We all are NOT OK… At some point in time or another. It’s OK!

I colored this picture of a beautiful bird. I love birds. Right now, though I am sad, these amazing creatures help my heart smile.

My choice today is to be. I can’t possibly be anything I’m not right now.. Nor can I try. I chose to appreciate these birds… And await for the heaviness to lift.

How are you today?


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