When to say Yes

Excellent read! Refers you to another inspiring site with soul worthy content!


Tinybuddha.com almost never fails me. I decided to visit the site to find calmness amidst my bad morning and voilà, the first feature article I found was How to Stop Agreeing to Things That Aren’t Good for You by Hailey Magee which exactly responds to the answers I was looking for.

I would like to share with you my thoughts on some points in the article that strike me the most:

“When we overpromise, we attempt to become an idealized version of ourselves—a version who does these things, effortlessly, on a certain timeline.” (added emphasis)

I like how the word highlighted above perfectly captures the idea whenever we add another task to our already overbooked schedule. It’s as if committing to that task would not take up our time, energy, and probably, money. It’s as if our well-planned schedule would not change. Truth is, even if at first we…

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