Checking In

Dear God:

Hi it’s me, your precious baby. I’m checking in with you. I need to give you praise, that only you deserve. I need to take a moment and truly recognize your role in my life.

When life became the most uncertain, you’ve kept me level headed and my faith solid. When this world began to panic, the ripple spread far and wide. You placed a firm belief in my soul that, not only would I not, but my daughters would also not become ill. You also redirected my attention from all those triggers that my anxiety loved, to sources of information, production, and intuition.

All of my life, I’ve had adults try to parent me. I wasn’t the most difficult child; but, I also wasn’t easy to understand. Now that I’m in my mind -30’s, I’m thankful for your endless efforts.l

I can provide most of what my daughters and I physically need; and, I’m working on emotional needs. Right now, I need to say thank you for attending to those of my needs. A father never outgrows that role. When a child gets married, the man has the responsibility to protect the family. I’m thankful you’ve laid your merciful hand on my life, and have protected us.

In all that could have crippled me in fear, I can stand here and testify to the strength of faith. Thank You 🙏🏼

In addition, this beautiful Baltimore Oriole added such sweetness to my morning. Thank you.

Baltimore Oriole by Jack Bartholmai

With Love & Light

Nova ❤️🧡💛

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