Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

This continues to be one of my favorite challenges. Thought-provoking, creative, unique, and fun are only a few adjectives I’d use to describe it. Check out all the details HERE.

May 2020

It’s May 5th…nearly 2 months since this world turned inside out, overnight. Society we knew isn’t going to return. Enough time has passed, a new normal has been established.

The prompt asks “What does a return to “normal” look like for you?

My response… I have no f^^^in idea! 😳 Sorry about the strong emphasis; however, nothing else remotely touches the tensity of my belief. We are creatures of habit. In these last several weeks, we’ve rewired our brains to believe certain things. We’ve altered our schedules that once felt Sooooo inconvenient, for it to now be our preference. We’re shopping differently, cooking differently, communicating differently. Everything is different. I know we’ll never return to the normal we once knew… But,one truth still stands, we’re going to get through it together.


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Published by Nova

“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.” -Ariana Dancu

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

  1. Your response is exactly how I feel and I’m sure many people would say the exact same thing. I agree. I think we’ll have to embrace a new normal with all these changes going on. It feels like I’m in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Nothing feels real anymore. One day, I was out enjoying fresh air and resources were plenty. Now, I’m afraid to leave my house and resources are scarce. But like you said, we will get through this together. 🙂

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