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Shweta’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt: Date

That february date stole my heart!

Nova Namastè

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End of May

My mind is in reflection of what has happened this past month. So much change has taken place, that I could easily find myself in a state of panic. Thankfully, the end of the month is here… And I’ve made it to right now. Whether it’s been how I’ve wished or not, it’s not failed me in teaching lessons and showing insight into what matters. What about you? What has May taught you? How are you different, marching into June?

I’ve spent this morning filing my mind with good things: laughter and education, nature and music. Here’s a little bit to encourage you today.

Taken from the YouTube channel, Survival Builder, a homemade tunnel water slide!

Or this dog mud house & fish pond:

If you need a bit of laughter, these might do the trick:

Finally, if you just need a few moments in nature but can’t get out of the house, here’s a few soothing substitutes:

Happy Sunday. Good Day to you 🙏🏼💚


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One Made it home🙏🏼

She walk a long and narrow road,

Not to disrupt the evolutionary

rhythm of nature,

Not to catch eye from the police.

Head up, shoulders back,

She held herself together.

No weakness graced her face,

Not a tear escaped her eyes.

Forward, with the hand of

The Lord Almighty,

Without a breath to

Lose, She made it home,


In Honor of Mr George Floyd, and all Black Lives lost to police brutality!

Nova Namastè

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Moon Child

I have always been in love with the moon. It’s heard my stories and secrets that no one else could keep. It’s listened over and over, every time and any time that I needed to talk. The vast sky, all the space that we can’t even comprehend… felt like an excellent place to send my fears. They flew out my bedroom window, my pain from the verbal abuse. My pain from the emotional neglect, unfair treatment, and constant confusion made it’s way to the endless darkness. My wish for my future, my daydreams of a boy, lots of intimate details were just between us. It saved my life…

I hope you find peace tonight. I hope your heart is light; and, you set all unnecessary worries aside. I hope you dare to continue dreaming, even when it feels your four walls are going to swallow you up. I hope you believe that the sun will rise again, and time will move you forward. I hope you have enough self love that you don’t give up… I hope you passionately seek all that’s meant just for you. I hope you laugh, even if it’s at the most inappropriate time.

I know our world is heavy and uncertain… But, I promise the moon will listen…and temporarily, it’ll just be the two of you.

That few moments is every bit worth it.

I promise 🙏🏼


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Do you attempt to collect positive energy, or trade for positivity when you’re feeling crummy? I think some of us do; and, we succeed. I try to, because there’s tons of good that needs released into this world.

Sometimes, however, my attempt doesn’t work. As an empath, I soak up all this energy from all that’s around me. As a Highly Sensitive Person, I don’t simply feel all… I do so on a level that remains incomprehensible to most people.

In situations like that, on days like today, the heaviness is too great. My heart broke, last night, as I watched the video footage of George Floyd. My hurt turned to intense anger as I heard further reports, and read further news on the situation.

In addition, I’m dealing with a few personal issues. I’m overwhelmed. I’m exhausted from handling my shit on my own. I’m stressed about finances (aren’t we all!??).

Sometimes, we’re not ok. Whether we’re men, women, black, Asian, Gay, rich or poor… We all are NOT OK… At some point in time or another. It’s OK!

I colored this picture of a beautiful bird. I love birds. Right now, though I am sad, these amazing creatures help my heart smile.

My choice today is to be. I can’t possibly be anything I’m not right now.. Nor can I try. I chose to appreciate these birds… And await for the heaviness to lift.

How are you today?


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You matter, Too! 🍍

What have you done for self-care lately?! Please, always remember, you matter too💛💛💛
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Morning Greetings

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I was raised in a family that had goats. I remember, occasionally, seeing these adorable little creatures playing with one another. I remember trying to pet them, and they’d scurry away.

Little things, similarly miniaturized, have always tickled me. I’m not sure why, but it’s true. I remember always loving the littlest pots and pans my mom had in the kitchen. Babies, animals or human, just as freaking adorable.

So that is a tidbit about me, what about you? Can you share something about yourself?


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Weekend of Remembrance

What has been done, so that we have the freedom to celebrate, is unthinkable. What has been lost, whether in physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, is unmeasurable.

This weekend, let’s remember to give humble thanks to those who have yet to return from war: every military member that has served or is serving. A soldier will never return as they left.

Nova Namastè

Thank you men, women, and animals that are serving, have served, and all who’ve lost their lives. I’m grateful.


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Blowning in the wind

Photo taken by Vladislav Nikonov via Unsplash

Like dandelion seeds in the cool summer eve, I wish my sensitive could take flight. Truth is, such isn’t so. For now, I must reach for the light and Trust my colors will flourish.

Nova Namastè

Sensitivity is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, as much as I preach ” behavior is a choice”, my emotions are stronger than my logic. I still have that balance, and I recognize my patterns. Tonight, my sensitivity flared. It pulled me back into the privacy of my own space. Now, it’s just riding the wave until I’m ok again.

With Love and Light

Nova Namastè

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Written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt Challenge

Alan was at the wrong place at the wrong time. That Saturday afternoon, he left his lower Queens, NY apartment to go for a run. The weather was warm and breezy. He smiled, thankful that his illness hadn’t hindered his plan. Heading towards the 67th Avenue Station, he turned the corner just to quickly retract those steps.

In that moment, he witnessed a brutal stabbing of an Asian girl, and her dog. As grief down-poured on his heart, he prayed none of the culprits heard or saw him.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels