How To Be Sorry — Banter Republic

Apologies are never genuine. You were well aware of what you were doing when you did it. So why apologize? Yeah, I said it. You’re apologizing only as a formality. And people try to play it off like they had no idea how it happened. I did it without thinking I don’t know what came […]

How To Be Sorry — Banter Republic

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  1. I have to say though, when I read the whole thing. I didn’t like it. As if men apologise?lol. I have never had a guy apologise to me, when they cheated, when they got caught lying. I have always apologised when I got things wrong, because it’s just the right thing to do. It might take me a couple of days to calm down, but I always do. Maybe he should pick better women,lol

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  2. I actually prefer no apology, if they don’t want to be genuine about it. I’ve had people send me “friends requests” on platforms like Facebook. People who bullied me and tried to ruin the person I was, with no apology. So I said no,lol.

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