Second Chances

She stepped out of her Mazda and unashamedly threw her arms high in the air. Breathing in through her nose, and out of her mouth, she in and exhaled as long as she could. She was determined to absorb as much fresh air as her lungs would allow.

Then, she extended her arms out to both sides. Like a free soul in the joy of rain, she twirled around and around. She felt weightless, as if any moment, the wind would lift her up and carry her to a new adventure.

The warm sun covered her, from head to toe. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt this alive. She couldn’t find any reason why she had waited so long.

Didn’t need another moment, she knew, right now, her life was going to be different. She wouldn’t fear the uncertainty that a day brought her. She would grow like flowers in early Spring… In the light of all that’s good, trusting the natural process.

She wouldn’t chain her heart to hurt. She’d feed it with the love of her surroundings, replacing the dead with life, and hurt with forgiveness. She’d walk along the trees, engulfed in their leaves.. Maple, Burch, Evergreen, every kind in all of her favorite trails.

She couldn’t combine all his mistakes, and pray for someone better. He’s imperfect; and, yes he must live with his consequences. She accepts her part, no one made her stay. Now was her time, to treat herself with the genuine love she deserved. She decided, now, she would spoil herself with flowers and spa days, candles and chocolates.

Her life was right now, and she was going to see, hear, touch, feel, and taste every morsal of it… With a heart full, and arms wide open. Her past was over; she’s ready for her life to begin.


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