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Typically, I’m an introvert type of creature. You could say anti-gregarious,to a degree. I thoroughly enjoy mingling where I want, if I want, and coming to and fro.

I don’t place myself under the influence of others, obsorb energy, or allow their opinions to ruin my peace of mind.

During this quarantine, I’ve begun to wonder if we all will become more socially distant… adaptation to change? Will this distance become our paranoia? Will be contribute to live in fear because it’s become our new normal.

Life has indeed changed. For the better or worse, I’m not sure. Time will tell.

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  1. I think this will bring people closer once the danger is finally gone, at first due to safety people will be scarce but things will never be the same and let’s hope it’s for the better my friend. Hope all is well nova and thanks for always staying in touch. You rule!

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