Burned Out

I’m spacey and struggling to focus.

I’m isolated and lacking desire to engage.

I’m exhausted but I’ve not been out all week.

I’m tired of eating and tired of craving food.

I don’t feel something wrong with me; but, then again
I do.

I miss him, but I know he’ll return.

I’m tired of all the cooking, teaching, and wiping.

I’m tired of cleaning dishes, and the constant mess in my home.

I’m tired of constant talk of death number, positive cases and stimulating checks.

I’m bored with being home so much.

I’m sick with my mind the loudest voice in my day.

I’m reclused, going about the motions, because I have to.

I guess this is how ” the in between” is suppose to feel?

Right now, I hate it.

3 thoughts on “Burned Out

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  1. Yeah, it does get to you, doesn’t it? I’m sick of cooking too. And I wonder when we’re back to normal if we’ll keep any of our habits from now, or if we’ll just rebound like a rubber band and eat out tons and go out tons and not clean or cook at home for a while. I don’t know how they’re working it where you are, but here they’re saying go out and get exercise and go bike riding and get some fresh air and sunshine as long as you stay away from people. I find just taking a drive really helps. Hang on, we’ll get there! Big hugs ❤

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