Distant Eyes

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She always had that distant look in her eye. Her expression longed for adventure, amazement, and curiosity. For 27 years, she was boxed in this small town mundane routine. Of course she loved her parents, adored her older sister, and annoyed her younger brothers. She’s just a free spirit, reading of places where buildings towered above, and trees so thick, they invited cars through. Her soul wanted more; but, she didn’t know how to get out.

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

On that particular Tuesday, Sevilla sat by the lake, cleansing her soul of the weekend’s negativity. The news was constant coverage of this corona virus. Though tremendous reports of recovery were coming in, the infected rate seems to take precedents.

Nearby, obviously more than the enforced six feet away, three young girls were bouncing a ball amongst one another. The oversized toy was lime green, and decorated with flowers of bright pink and purple petals. They were so happy. Their giggles filled the air, lifting the heaviness of the moment. It made Sevilla smile. Once upon a time, this place was just as big and magical to her, too. She was thankful for that reminder, the beauty of innocence of childhood.

Written for The Word of the Day Challenge: Distant & Bounce



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