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Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday!! It’s a slightly chilly and wet morning here in Cleveland Ohio. That’s ok, though, because my kids have adorable Paw Patrol umbrellas, so rain on. I’m not as excited about standing in the rain… But, I can imagine lemon drops and gum drops right?… Or skittles?? I love those who much more. What candy do you like? Do you have a cute umbrella? Do your rainbows have all the colors?

^ You can’t see rainbows without the rain.

^ Rainbows are proof that there’s light after darkness.

Taken from the free library.
Taken from the free library.


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When You’re Finding It Hard To Move On From An Almost — Read This — Thought Catalog

1. You’re not crazy, or silly, for not being able to move forward from this. You don’t have to date someone to have feelings for them. You don’t have to be labeled as boyfriend/girlfriend for someone to have a special place in your heart — commitment isn’t the only measure of meaning for a relationship.…

When You’re Finding It Hard To Move On From An Almost — Read This — Thought Catalog
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April Freakin Showers

I made a decision.

Maturity has taught me to address it with the individual.

Maturity has taught me that I am able to recognize my needs and wants.

Maturity has taught me that I need to recognize my needs and wants.

Maturity has taught me that I need to prioritize those things.

Maturity has taught me that I am ABLE & NEED to verbalize such things to an individual I value.

Maturity has, also, taught me that an individual who values me, will DEMONSTRATE respect towards such things.

I made a decision.

I made another decision after that…

Though I am proud of myself…

The response was plenty to disconcert me…

And make my heart cry.

Yes, I recognize I have no control over their behavior.

Yes, I recognize I “should” OR “could”…

But, I recognize my pain…

I recognize the depth of how I feel would NEVER

Accept suppression and avoidance… ever.

So, maturity has taught me that which I accept is teaching them how I am to be treated.

I made a final decision.

Written Validation.

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

Find all the details of the challenge by clicking the image.

They were strangers,

In a room full of couples.

The instructor paired them,

They locked eyes.

The first step, then

The second.. Over and over,

Everyone practiced.

Sometimes the music played,

And sometimes all that surrounded


Intensely transforming the


To an ecstatic & impeccable


The class created a new song,

their song…

The song that only

Souls understand.

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Challenge Details can be found by clicking the image.

“ She tasted like memory…” he typed, trying to begin his final term paper for his Composition 408 class.

He’s known about this assignment since the first day of class. What he couldn’t possibly know, nor prepare for, was what was to come.

The lies, and secrets, and all the skeletons in their closets… LITERALLY! Nick doesn’t know how he managed to escape the nightmare, with only a two inch scar on his back….

…In the location of his kidney.

Written for the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

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Mens Mental Health Monday {#MMHM}

This week begins a series of posts that will explore the science behind your Happy Face 😀 {and the importance of understanding it}.

The 4 CHEMICALS that create such magic are

  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin
  • Endorphins

Serotonin * Monday 27.April.2020

Products with such molecule for purchase.

What is it: According to this website,

Serotonin is an important chemical and neurotransmitter that is present in the body of a human…. It is also known as the happy chemical.


Why is it important:

It controls the mood of a person and is believed to control the social behavior of oneself.


Source of photo- here.

What you don’t want:

What you DO WANT:

Photo Credit Pinterest

Additional Resources:

I hope this has helped.

With Love & Light:


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Last Monday in April

We’ve reached a milestone. It’s the most unusual year we’ve had; but, we’re doing it. I’m so proud of all of us.

Right now, my creative juju is tapping deep into the psychology of that which is relevant to my life.

I have many blogs in WIP. They’ll be published as soon as they’re of excellent quality.

I appreciate your patience and hope you have a fabulous week!

With Love & Light:


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Weekend Writing Prompt: Fabric

The fabrics of ethnicity, race, talent, gift, nationality, personality, religion, and interests compose our individualized DNA.

These beautiful fabrics remain solid, as they are passed down from generation to generation. They combine and recollect into combinations that ceaselessly birth a gift of human life.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Firefighter or Jewish

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on

Fabric is spiritually as well as physically intertwined in our identity. Distinct fabric is used to sew flags for our military personnel, in the uniforms they wear, and the gear they carry.

It’s a small overlooked detail that indeed, signifies so much.

Written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt.

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🌱 Plants

We have plants!! Ahaha! That always feels amazing to say/see. Our seeds are never anything special, organic or expensive. Our soil is usually from The Dollar Tree. I honestly believe though, that our plants always feel our excitement and love for growing/nurturing.
We have broccoli, sunflowers, green beans, and corn growing!
Two days ago, I thought back to the summers my family and I traveled to Myrtle Beach. Every year, we’d drive through southern states, and rows and rows and rows of corn fields! The stalks were 6 feet high!! Ha!

I need to find where I can plant these😂😂😂! Lucky me!