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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge:D Check out the scoop of the fun right ✨ HERE:D

This week’s theme is Coffee Conversations


Coffee is a language all of it’s own. I’m so thankful for the hugs it’s brought me. I’m so thankful for the friendships I’ve gained because of it. I’m so thankful for it’s strength when I was groggy. I’m thankful for it’s aroma, that satisfied my lungs.

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Are You Listening

Are You Listening?

The wind whispers the secrets of the dawn.

Faces hide the struggle within it’s laughter.

Books tell stories, as old as time.

Veterans place trust in your hands.

Children are developing imaginations.

Elderly are replaying history.

Words are building confidence;

Or crying out for help.

Destroying a soul;

saving it in grace.

In this world of endless


Are you really Listening?

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Delight in Deliverance

No words of man,

that rise against me,

that wish to spew fear and false accusations,

Will Reach, Shake, or Collapse

My Love Wall Around Myself.

No toxic poison

Will seep through my

Protecting Surrounding

No Tears will be shed,

No sleepless nights,


In Light and all that is Love

Nova Namastè

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Evolutionary Freedom

To see truth, you must seek it.

To seek it, you must believe it.

Believe that it’s real, believe that it exists.

To be seen, to be found

To be claimed, felt

And given life.

To see truth, you

Must be willing to

Accept it,

Embrace it,

Allow it to welcome change.

Evolve you,

Give perspective,

Break through the chains

That hold you captive,

The lies of pain,

Insecurities from inconsistencies

All that keeps you burdened


Only then, will you

Feel your wings.

Only then, will you

Be free to fly.

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Empowering Yourself

Much of what we struggle with is in our minds. Labels slap us with shame and doubt, though they say more about the individual trying to disgrace.

To win, here’s what you can do. Take your power back.

How do you do that? You sit with yourself and identify your weaknesses. From there, acknowledge that you accept them, while trying to improve.

No one, who matters, expects you to be perfect. Those who do, aren’t anyone that holds opinions of who you are.

As you continue to grow, you will build confidence and develop self love. This is your foundation. Just as an innocent defenseless infant needs protection, you will need to protect yourself in this growth period. You will need to surround yourself with good and wholesome influences.

Taking your power back feels like hope has been restored. Words of Manipulation won’t affect you as much. Deceptive behavior won’t confuse you. Abusive people won’t be around. Toxicity won’t be considered when you make your decisions. Life will be brighter.

A better you…a better life… Really does begin with you. You have so much power in your own hands. Grasp it and write your own story.

With Love and Light

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Random thoughts I’ve had the last few days:

Those single women who seek attention because they are able to survive without child support payment, annoy me. Everyone know no woman would voluntarily support a child without financial help. To post a meme that says “ Let’s see the women who…” is suggesting the lifestyle of their lives is voluntary… which is a lie.

Secondly, well wishes should be just that. Wishes sent to individuals with good and honest intentions. Why on earth would someone treat an individual like crap, then send best wishes once they break up. That’s stupid as sin. Most people have dreams, wishes, and desires all the time. If the individual is with you, use your energy birthing and building those dreams.

Lastly, hurt people will hurt people. If you’re carrying around bitterness and baggage, you’re going to hurt others. If you’re untrusting and jaded, you’re going to hurt others. If you’re closed off and mean and unkind, you’re going to hurt people. This world is ugly enough. We don’t help this world at all by robbing ourselves of healing and emotional connection with one another. Just something to think about.

With Love & Light:


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But the Greatest of these is L<3VE

Materialism can suffocate what’s left of the love in this world… If we let it. People try to buy their way into lives, while trying to excuse their ignorence of absence. I hate seeing it.

When we really allow ourselves to live as if there’s no tomorrow, intentions change. Perspectives change. Priorities change. Actions change. Words change. Habits change.

As we celebrate the calendar assigned day for love, let’s emerge the truth about love into everything we do. Not just today, but every day.

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Bigger than Yesterday

Word of The Day from Tales from the Mind of Kristian: Heartfelt

Your Daily Word Prompt from Sheryl: Resilient

The saying goes, beautiful people aren’t born; they’re made.

In my life, some of the most beautiful people, have walked the hardest roads.

They’ve faced hardships I couldn’t imagine seeing. They’ve overcome nightmares that could numb a soul. They’ve looked adversity in the eyes, ready and resilient.

These incredible human beings haven’t allowed life to hold them back. They’ve persisted towards goals and achieved greatness.

Change is one of life’s few constance occurrences. None of us are bulletproof to it’s unpredictability, uncomfortability, and unfamiliarity.

Heartfelt support, a positive attitude, the package of all that is necessary to win has been they’re driving force.

I admire these individuals. They’re inspiring. They’re winners… And I hope they never lose that strength to be bigger than yesterday.

With Love and Light

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Moving Forward

This speaks right to the core of my life. New doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Change doesn’t mean bad.

What we’re “comfortable” with is what keeps us. It takes courage to face change; and, we all have it.

Here’s to investing into our futures.