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I’m not strong right now.

I’m not ok. My heart hurts.

I feel used up and tossed out.

Munipulation will suck every ounce of life from a living creature;

Then leave it to die.

That’s where I’m at.

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Stage vs Age

In the field of education, a teacher has a group of students that must learn a set list of standards in order to advance to the next grade level. You think teaching one child is a challenge? Imagine 15!

In order to accomplish this goal, a teacher must use different techniques and approaches to accommodate the variety of learning styles among her students. Education isn’t a one size fits all. Some students are visual learners; while, others might be auditory learners.

Additionally, the teacher has to reference what’s called The Zone of Approximate Development. This is the “range” in which each child resides in his/her learning.

Teaching is an art.

Once a child becomes an adult, this concept of development doesn’t change. On the contrary, somewhere along the way, adults have grown to correlate “same” with “adulthood”. The comparing between and among adults is thick… and highly unnecessary.

None of us are the same. We have similarities; but, we’re born individuals. We might have characteristics or lifestyles that are alike; but, in the blueprint , there’s hidden differences.

Just as a teacher evaluates her students, we should learn other people. Just as she recognizes her students’ strengths, we should look for such in one another. As the teacher tweaks her lesson plans to best suit all her students, we should consider the greater scale of humanity and the stages we’re in.

Age really is just a number. Stage provides a perspective that allows us to build acceptance and provide opportunities to teach one another.

Here’s to the teachers that show us much more than they realize. Here’s to a year when we remove all that represents segregation and builds from collaboration.

With Love and Light

Nova Namaste