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Year of the Builder

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Yes, I accept and invite this into my year. My financial situation will allow me to purchase a better vehicle without relying on anyone else. That’s what I believe will happen. Those in our universe and God please align this in my path.

Namastè 🙏🏼

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In-Love Series

Live Life in Love ~

My slogan for 2020.
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Here’s a new few things I love:

  • Seeing something I have in a tv show.
  • The L Word Generation Q tv show.
  • Work In Progress tv show.
  • The way alcohol makes some people act.
  • People exploring new things.


Here’s a new few things I love:

  • Walmart’s Amish potato salad with eggs
  • My daughter’s school contributing to Australia’s relief .
  • Tim Horton’s recyclable Keurig coffee cups.
  • I found a Marine with an incredible sense of humor.


Here’s a new few things I love:

  • The evidence of life working for me.
  • The moment when sun shines through bleak clouds.
  • Unexpected opportunities to see my daughter on the weekend.
  • Free education


Big Hero 6 TV Series!!

Such a super cute show!!! Love it!

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Eleven Days into 2020

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And my life is UPSIDE DOWN! WTF😱

Can I say that? This situation really is total crap. For the next five minutes, I’m going to sulk in discouragement… OK DONE!

I spent yesterday afternoon (guh, hours I can never get back in my life) dwelling on this. So here’s the thing, I’m fine. I REALLY am.

Sure, the pain hurts and the absence will be uncomfortable but other elements hurt far more!

Change means I can do what I need to, my way. It’s a challenge I can accomplish, and I WILL.

Change means opportunities for new things, like a podcast! I’m thinking about starting one!! Isn’t that crazy? HA! I’M ACTUALLY REALLY EXCITED.

I’m in love with this idea of trying new things. I won’t know how well I can do unless I try, right? Not poll dancing… Won’t be trying that.. My friend did.

Anyway, yeah… This year is going to be eventful; and, I’m going to embrace all of it.

Happy Saturday

With Love and Light

Nova Namastè