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We’re not immortal beings

My thoughts
May they all rest in peace
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Self-Reflection Saturday

It’s funny, for all it took was a broken heart and that alone was enough, enough for her to do everything she ever dreamed of.” 

― robert m drake

“The best kind of humans are the ones who stay.” 

― robert m drake

“Suddenly, everything was beautiful. The way she viewed the world was nothing more but a reflection of herself.” 

― robert m drake

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WOTDC: Unspoken

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The appetite of a soul is fed with truth, both spiritually and metaphorically. Truth comes in forms of words, believes, experience, and wisdom. It’s a length of time that a soul faces, in order to move forward.

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. In my lifetime, I’ve looked into such depth. I’ve felt unspoken secrets. I’ve seen pain. I’ve witnessed joy and relief.

Truth is different for each of us. It’s meant to be like that, for we are all unique. To see truth, is to seek it. To seek it, is to respect differences, appreciate similarities, and still live as one race.

With Love and Light

Nova NaMastè

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When will it be my turn to

have a world where I’m understood?

When will it be my time to

have a hand to hold?

When will it be my secrets that

Are no longer just my own?

When will this life give me

A soul that longs for mine?

When will destiny lead me

To a safe place to call home?

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