Omg dropping like flies

How do I lose 6+ followers in a single day… AFTER I actually post actively?

I wish I had the time and energy to develop and deepen relationships with all of you… but, I just can’t. It doesn’t make the drop in followers any less discouraging.

35 thoughts on “Omg dropping like flies

  1. The ones you lost could be a combo of things. I regularly lose ‘spam’ accounts. People shut their blogs and stop playing too and then there’s the lovely WP trick of messing up the who you follow lists! I have frequently seen bloggers I KNOW haven’t deleted me suddenly re-ad me. Laura at all the shoes I wear noticed she wasn’t following me just last week. We’ve been close blog friends for over 18 months. There is no way we’d unfollow each other! Of that six you mentioned, I’d be surprised if even one chose to unfollow. I don’t pay any attention to my follow count, I go by interactions, they’re far more fun! It’s the REAL likes and comments that keep me blogging, not followers as the vast majority don’t ever comment.

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  2. Here’s my guess. I know a substantial chunk of the new followers I get seem sketchy, like they’d have no reason whatsoever to be interested in my blog. My theory is that they follow hoping for a follow back, and if they don’t get that follow back then they’ll unfollow you.

    I can’t see any possible reason why anyone who actually reads your blog would choose to unfollow.

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