3 AM & the Moon

Photo Prompt taken from Pinterest

Here’s my addition… You add to it, in the comments 🙂

” Don’t look at the moon?” Cassandra asked herself.” Why, what’s wrong with it?”


” Geesh, who is it this time?” She grumbled as she unlocked her rose gold iPhone X.

“ Cassie, it’s Jake. Whatever you do, DON’T LOOK AT IT!”

She chuckled. He announces his name, as if she doesn’t have his number saved.

To be continued…

I’m going to pass this story on to Kristian @ Life Lessons Around the Dinner Table.

6 thoughts on “3 AM & the Moon

  1. Ohhh…. fun!! Thanks for the tag!

    Here’s my addition:
    Cassandra stared at her phone for a few seconds before huffing & dropping it on her mattress. “Why is it when people tell me not to do something it only makes me want to do it more?” She asked, aloud to herself. She stood up and stretched, irritated at being awake. “If people would have just let me sleep, I wouldn’t even be tempted to look at the moon!” She slipped on her Hello Kitty slippers and matching robe and paced around her bedroom. She stopped in front of her window and placed a hesitating hand on the curtain….

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