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Test of Time

Photo Credit Here. This is a stairway of an old Inca trail.

The remnants of lives before us maintain our history: providing valuable lessons, reminders, and timelessness. Though the seasons have changed, and time has continued, pieces of yesterday have withstood the challenges.

One day, I hope that of my life will leave an imprint upon this earth. I hope that, despite storms and change, a powerful legacy will carry on what’s in my heart. I hope my life has had such an impact that I’ll never be forgotten.

Love and light to you all.



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Tuesday Greetings

Good Evening, Afternoon, & Morning Beautiful People 🐿🌰!

Did you have a great Tuesday? How’s your day going? How did you sleep last night? Anyone having coffee right now? I’m currently sipping on Starbucks Plus. Night was tough, so day calls for the tough!

Bit of silly food pun for you 🙂

Namastè 🙏🏼 💖