What Words Can Do

Imagine taking five plus years, figuring yourself out. The in’s and out ‘s, the flaws and strengths, quirks, talents, nearly every single detail as to who you currently are in this world. Imagine discovering such talents as deepest of humanly possible sensations, and a nerves system that is constantly operating in overdrive, amplified to it’s highest level of function 100% of the time.

Imagine talking with someone, briefly, about a sensitive situation… Such as a breakup. My breakup.. With the man of whom I thought completed me…. Despite the circumstances surrounding the situation… This friend says ” He probably has another girlfriend.”

Then she heard me say I’m really hurt and it’s awful that she wouldn’t consider my feelings first..

And she attacks me with this

Words hurt. If you’re not mature enough to take accountability for yourself, leave me the fuck alone.

8 thoughts on “What Words Can Do

  1. What the hell?!?! Seriously?!?! It was some dirty dishes & a full trashcan? Her house is always spotless? And besides that, who cares? What kind of friend let’s the conditions of someone home deter their friendship? Honestly, I probably would have just done them for you! Not because it bothered me, but because I figured you could use the break! Ask my friend Amanda! I have helped her clean, & I still go over to her house every now & then & cook for her when her husband is away on business, cause it’s one less thing she has to worry about. That’s what friend’s do!! Ugh!!! I’m so sorry, Brandy!! I’m so angry right now! Want me to go punch her in the face?! Lol. Seriously though, you don’t deserve to be treated like that, & honestly, it looks like you dodged a bullet. Not that it still doesn’t hurt though. 😔 Big, big hugs!!!

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    1. That’s the same week I was in and out of the restroom for five days with a stomach bug from hell…. oh and I had to figure out where I was going to get $300 for my car so I don’t end up with expired plates… but she’s worried about dirty dishes… Calandra clogs the toilet. The locked door just slipped my mind… wtf


  2. What the actual OMFG?! I don’t even have words. She probably expected appetizers and a selection of movies and books with an eye mask and foot bath. What the heck happened to normal human decency?? KINDNESS. It’s so simple, and yet so often overlooked. I’m sorry you needed to get this nasty message, but at least you can cut her the F out to make room for a higher vibration – i.e. actual – friend. {hugs}

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