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My Paint By Numbers Images

Using the Oil Painting Paint By Numbers App 🕸🕸

Thanks for taking a look 😀

Love and Light Always:


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It’s a Good Morning

You’re awake🌰

You have a roof over your head🌾

You have running, hot and cold, uncontaminated water. 🎃

You have something to eat, a few feet in your kitchen. 🕸

You slept on something, other than a the ground. 🌰

You have electricity. 🌾

Most of your essential needs are met. Blessed beyond messure. 🐿

🌰🐿Good Morning Lovelies 🍂🕸

Much Love & Light Always

Namastè 🙏🏼


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Time’s Changing

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New Seasons #freshstart #MentalHealth

Just as Winter welcomes Spring, Summer brings us Autumn. Every year, the natural beauty of change happens. There’s no fear. There’s no anxiety. There’s only beautiful scenery!
Imagine when we embrace the natural process of our lives, and see the beauty in it. Everything happens as it’s suppose to. When we CHOOSE a peace of mind over anxiety and fear… We better feel life’s magic! Good Morning from Cleveland, OH!!
Namastè 🙏🏼




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Working On Us Week 13: Sleep Disorders/Insomnia

I am not one who has been diagnosed with a sleep disorder; however, I’m participating this week because, many who have any level of anxiety or mental disturbance, don’t sleep well.

I’m not sure what the answer is to help us sleep better, or, for some, at all, at night when we’re suffering from mental health issues. Sadly, our lack of sleep only intensifies our symptoms. Sleep is essential for us to be healthy.

What worriers me most, is the after hours in a “dark” day. During the day, at least for me, I’m opt to feel some sense of light and positivity. When I’m up, I feel a bit more hopeful that I’ll manage ok. The dusk comes, and suddenly, all that is troubling me is in my face.

I wish there were some facility that is specifically for those struggling at night. I’m not talking about the psych ward off emergency ward. There should be a community place where individuals can sleep in closer proximity to someone else… Anyone else. Maybe those awake hours would decrease. Maybe having someone to talk to would help. I don’t know… I just know I could use such a place sometimes.

This is formulated for Beckie’s Mental Mess

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Countdown Day 24

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This is Day 24 in the countdown of our Bloggers VIP Celebration. For this daily challenge, we have a list of scrambled autumn things! All’s you have to do is write down them, unscrambled. Please don’t post your guesses, wait until the end of the day for the answers. Keep an eye out for updates on Kristian’s and my page.

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Here’s your list of scrambles

  • oeaglfi
  • arezmnoc
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Emotionally Triggered

Excellent article called, How to Find Balance When You’re Emotionally Triggered , about how to work through those emotions and successfully move forward!!! A for certain, must read!!!

First step to preventing is identifying your Cause!!

This is HUGE!! It may be the most uncomfortable part of the process… because a cause means pain, hurt, embarrassment, suppression, memories… lots of dark and dark junk inside you that’s still… STILL affecting your life, mind, and relationships.

Take some time, as much as you need… and identify what triggers you into anxiety? Depression? Manic Bipolar Spells? Seizures? As you begin breaking down the tangled web, you’ll realize it doesn’t look so scary… because there are actual answers and solutions. There are actual tangible goals that CAN be accomplished in achieving a healthier you.

I want to encourage you to write your journey down! Please don’t feel obligated to share it with anyone. It’s a method that allows you to reflect on how far you’ve come, what habits and patterns are developing, what needs critiqued. It’s your story, and only yours to walk.

I found this in the article linked to this post. It’s a piece of wisdom I will be applying to my own life. I hope it provides you with the same restored sense of control as it did for me.

May you be at peace with yourself tonight.

Namastè 🙏🏼


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Countdown Day 25

Today’s countdown day 25:) For this challenge, I’m simply giving you some Autumn coloring pages 🙂 Simply pick one, print, snap a photo and share. You can also color these (more than one if you’d like) digitally, if you’d prefer! Most importantly, have fun!

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Men’s Mental Health – Why it has become the Silent Epidemic, and what to do about it – Life Lab Magazine

Guys, it’s ok to be human and express yourself. Sure it may not feel natural but uncomfortable is EXACTLY how you grow. I’m here if you need support 🤗🤗💚💚


Men’s mental health has become a silent epidemic. Read on to find out more about this issue, and what you can do to help yourself
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