#YDWP: Creation

Written for Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt, found HERE:D

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

Creation is the noun form of the verb, create. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, creation means the following:

Definition of creation

1: the act of creating especiallythe act of bringing the world into ordered existence

2: the act of making, inventing, or producing: such as a: the act of investing with a new rank or office b: the first representation of a dramatic role

3: something that is created: such as a: WORLD b: creatures singly or in aggregate c: an original work of art d: a new usually striking article of clothing

{Resource: online search}

To me, creation is:

C Challenge oneself to become the best version of who he/she is.

R Represent his/her own set of beliefs/values/customs.

E Educate others with the knowledge he/she posses.

a Aim for high, yet tangible, goals.

T Treasure every small victory,

I Introduce yourself to the world, through your art.

O Offer the world a piece of beauty within yourself.

N Never give up.

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