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50 Reasons to Love Singlehood

I can’t remember ever, wanting to be single. EVER. As of today, I’ve made it long enough to declare such is true, I’m embracing this chapter of my life, for all its worth! As I should, right, because being single is a full of things to love!!

I bet reasons you’re not even considering 😉

Here’s 50 Reasons to Love Singlehood

  1. You don’t have to share your love if you don’t wish.
  2. All popcorn at the movie, is yours.
  3. No one is stealing the blankets (This is a big one!).
  4. You always get to choose the movie on movie night.
  5. Vibratory satisfaction is std free.
  6. You can sit in every moment and not have a thing of which to worry.
  7. Your schedule is yours to fill.
  8. Reading is a great pastime.
  9. Exercise helps burn just as many calories as sex.
  10. You can treat yourself out, ice cream, movie, whatever.
  11. There’s no other opinion to consider when making decisions.
  12. You can stop at any moment and take a photo of a sunset or sunrise.
  13. Bubble Baths
  14. High heals with red lipstick
  15. Save gas from driving.
  16. No one to make you cry.
  17. You can buy yourself flowers.
  18. Lunch date with girlfriends!
  19. Coffee on the porch swing.
  20. Comedy show on a weekend evening.
  21. Volunteering for a good cause.
  22. Less stress.
  23. No disappointment.
  24. You won’t second guess yourself.
  25. You can pick up a new hobby.
  26. Continue another hobby.
  27. You will always get your coffee order just as you like it.
  28. Flirting is fun.
  29. Nature is full of wonder to watch.
  30. There’s always a stranger who could become a friend.
  31. Binge watching on Netflix.
  32. Gay men best friends.
  33. Toilet seat is not an issue.
  34. Not sharing space with anyone.
  35. You won’t have money arguments.
  36. No checking in or checking up on/to someone.
  37. There’s lots of interesting people to talk to.
  38. Bath and Body Works
  39. Total Freedom
  40. No under blanket farts.
  41. No swap meets or car shows.
  42. Powerful feminine songs on blast.
  43. You own your bathroom and dresser drawer space.
  44. Crushes are unlimited
  45. No jealousy about a female in his life.
  46. You learn what you actually love, like, dislike, and hate.
  47. You’re independent.
  48. Not needing to shave as often.
  49. No one will hear you fart.
  50. Self Fulfilling Prophecy


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“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.” -Ariana Dancu

7 thoughts on “50 Reasons to Love Singlehood

  1. It took me a long time to realize I prefer being single. Even after only a few dates, men just freaking take over. Idk if it’s my generation or what, but I can no longer tolerate the criticism and being told what to do. I’m 58! I do fine. I don’t need some guy suddenly telling me how to maintain my car or money because we spent time together. Blah!

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