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“Freedom of Expression” Challenge: photograph

This is being created to fulfill the Freedom of Expression Challenge, weekly chosen prompt “photograph”. You can read more about this unique challenge here 🙂

My first form of interpretation is my all-time favorite form of expression: music!

Photograph- Ed Sheeran
Paparazzi- Lady Gaga
Photograph – Nickelback
Photographs- Rhianna

My next form of expression is through laughter! Here’s a few photographs that’ll leave you in stitches:


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I love the letter T

This is me, jumping in on the May Train Challenge…

Train Station is located on Citysonnet‘s blog page 🙂


Today’s May 12th. The next train is schedule to depart promptly at ten. Please be sure you have your ticket ready upon boarding.  
The menu for today is the following:
  • Turkey breast on spinach 
  • Twice baked potato 
  • Toasted Brussel sprouts 
  • Tossed Salad 
  • Tea/Coffee/Water 
The Destination Stops for the Day: 
  1. Tallmadge
  2. Taylor Creek
  3. Thornville
  4. Tippecaneo
  5. Tremont City
  6. Twinsburg


“ Hello! I’m Tulip, the train attendant. I’ll be happy to take your orders, supply tasty snacks, assist you to your seats, and answer any questions you may have. Thank You for choosing Twotville Charter and enjoy your ride.” 


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Screenshot Memories

I don’t remember how I got here.

I don’t remember the chain of events.

Were others involved or just me?

Did anyone unfortunately died?

How do I not remember?


She was acting rather rashly,

Irresponsibility and hastily.

The date was a shit-show,

And he was obnoxiously full of himself.

How did she not see this?


Sipping on her wine, she laughed,

This online dating isn’t so bad.

Deciding to give this a chance.

He’s funny, too, she added

“ Oh, he’s attractive!” She murmured.

Swiping right, whoosh, she waits.

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Mother’s Day 2019

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all moms. To be a mom means to face fears we didn’t know existed, to love beyond what we knew was real, to sacrifice for the good intentions and better well being of others, to give of our minds/bodies/hearts/time/love/talents/ unconditionally, to exemplify the much needed compassion of this world, to lead with encouragement and support, to assist in development and growth, to praise jobs well done, to raise future husbands’ to honor women, and young girls to shine equally as men. It means to give ourselves grace and forgive our mistakes, to take care of what we need, to remember we do the very best we can, and that’s enough.

This mothers day, I’m sending love to all the mommas in Heaven, biological mothers, mothers who have angel babies, mothers who have children up for adoption, mothers who adopted, Step Moms, Furbaby Moms, Moms who stepped up for kids who needed a mom… For Grandmas who raised grandkids, and Moms that are pregnant…. today’s for you!! You’re so precious and deserve time to do what you enjoy. Be good to yourself today 💕