Crimson’s Creative Challenge #23

Life, Mental Health
0C331210-F6EC-4801-9B74-64714B29C5B3This is being created for Crimson’s Creative Challenge.

The sounds of Mr Gregor’s old cottage spooked children for generations. He was born on the 27th of June, 1837. His mother and father were highschool sweethearts. Mr Gregor was the 2nd born, an older brother before him. The sibling rivalry was constant, brutal, and bloody. Their parents tried to keep the peace, but as the boys grew, the jealousy and competition only escalated.

One cold October night, the rain was pouring and the flooding sirens resonated. Holland Grove was mostly flat, with surrounding hills. At least once a year, Hollanders felt with the forces of heavy rain. There’s bunkers scattered about, to store extra food and sand bags.

John Gregor quickly snatched his hat & rain coast from the coat tree, right inside the front door. To the left of the tree, was a solid shoe bench. It was extra large, clear coated, and a gorgeous cherry wood finish. He plumped down and wickedly slipped on his rain boots.

Taylor was right behind him. The boys are only 2 years apart. He snagged his heavy coat and slipped on his boots.

Neither of the boys knew how deep the waters had gotten. They heaved forward, pulling themselves along with their walking sticks. They were checking on the elderly neighbors.

Before that night was over, in the late hours, Taylor returned home. John didn’t make it back.

All these years later, when it rains, the older kids from the Grove said you could hear a man’s growling. They’ve said to have seen a dark haired young man, about 30.. Roughly 6′ 4″, standing by the window.

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