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Succulents for the Chakras — Infinite Succulent

Kristen and I were talking about these; and, I found this really cool blog post.

Can working with specific succulents help you align your chakras? With
intentions, yes of course! Come along as we explore the best succulents for
your chakras…
— Read on

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My Apology

Guys & Gals,

For some reason, I feel compelled to apologize. I also feel a need to ask you to stick with me and please offer patience.

I’m trying to get this new endeavor started, unwind from the MAJOR anxiety from my boyfriend’s health condition, relax after being wound up tight because of my vehicle… And the everyday life stresses.

I’m sorry that I’ve not read and commented as often. I’m sorry that I’ve not finished challenges I’ve started or began participating in. I’m just so overwelmed. I’m sorry that my posts have been limited, and not of satisfactory quality. I’m trying to balance all of life…

Right now, I just don’t feel like I’m doing very well with all of it right now.

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I mean N.E.V.E.R…

My Life is NEVER boring~

Many years ago, [Lordie, did I just say that🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂] { 5.5 to be exact}] I decided that, that, was the headline of my life. At the time, I was #firsttimemom with a six month old! I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I had no clue what I was doing married again, completely dependent on my husband, with a new baby, and unemployed. I knew I wanted my mom, more than ever; and, she couldn’t be with me.

As time passed, and my decisions took me down an unpaved, dark, and scary path… I kept going. I had to. Little by little, small victory after small victory, the darkness lifted. Zivah grew older, and I’ve magically retained nature hair color.

In 2016, our quaint superpower duo team became a trio! This biracial beauty queen came into our lives; and, I’ve never been sane sense.

She’s got crazy advanced sense ability. I promise she was speaking full phrases at a year old; and, she’s as strong as an ox. She and her sister converse with their own kiddo language. I referee the arguments, mock the tantrums (this is a very effective technique. It feels great and the kids laugh eventually?!), and pray for enough money to buy pizza for an easy dinner.

Now that years have since passed, my older daughter is taking life by the horns and attending school. It was an expierence, to say the least. The numbed one piece of (unsolicited) advice I’d give EVERY parent, is if you’re not satisfied with the school of which your child attends, speak up and do something about it. Our schools are to prepare our future generations for success. If they’re not meeting our standards, what are we saying to our children, by being passive.

My younger daughter is home with me, four of the five school days. We enjoy time together; and, her cuddles are the absolute best.

I’m now a WAHM (a whammy lol) (work at home mom)! Logically speaking, it’s the best position for me! Here’s the catch, I hate NEW & UNCOMFORTABLE! I literally worked down anxiousness for two days, about these 12 calls I made this morning. It’s typical for an INFJ to be like this. I call, after hours, to make appointments, just so I could leave messages. LOL🌼

Anyway, I hope you new followers know I greatly appreciate you joining me in this crazy blogging journey. I hope all of you remember the awesome person looking back at you in the mirror deserves love.

Hope to see you in my notifications 🌻🙏🏼💖

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Young Love

Photo Credit Attached

As the evening kissed the daylight, and dusk set upon the town of Eugenia, townspeople strolled the narrow streets. It was a relatively safe area; and, major crime was highly unlikely.

Josh chose The University of South Eugenia to complete his International Business and Economics Degree. He was thrilled when he recieved his acceptance letter. A month and a half later, his plane landed in the Limelight Airport. He brought seven outfits, a light and heavy coat, and his camera. Everything else he planned to purchase here.

The evening was a bit chilly, though it didn’t bother him. He ran home, grabbed a shower, and out the door. He’s thankful dark jeans are a nice but casual look and that he grabbed his heavy black goose feather coat. He actually surprised himself ; tendency with dates is his absence of common sense. He’s been that way since his days of school dances and acne breakouts. His mom always chuckled.

It was a quarter till seven, and he was a half mile from the small café, where he and Esmera agreed to meet. He was entirely too nervous, to have remembered flowers.

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This is a wonderful post. I love how this simplicity can show effort, achievement, patterns, and goals. The little things, those goals that we feel insignificant, add up when we see them all together. Each one is an achievement;and, we should pride ourselves in them. That’s how self confidence begins. That’s how we build self esteem.

I hope you’d check out this awesome post & strive to be a better you!!

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Don’t Wait

Oh how the years to by;

How days become weeks,

And those weeks into months.

With a single blink, the kids

Are grown, the house

Grew quiet, and life is

Fifty years plus.

Take this opportunity,

To listen to the world,

Dance to your favorite song,

Take that road trip, and

Try a new hobby.

Life’s too sort

For what if’s & could’ve been’s

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Yucky Season

It’s a dry season

Alone & lonely season

Insecure and sad season

It’s a reflection season

Muted silence season

A sense of otherness season.

It’s an annoying season

Whatever, I don’t care season

Fine then, Unfollow me! Season

It’s a wine season

Cry and scream season.

It’s a retract season

Isolate and withdraw season

A “whatever” season.