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“How did you sleep?”

With my eyes closed.

” How do you like your eggs?”


” How do you take your coffee?”

In a cup.

“How was your day?”

Well it started early, then it got later.

“Would you like plastic bags for your groceries?”

Nope, I’ll juggle everything to the car.

Ha, I ain’t got time for all that 😂😂😂😂

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Her Sunroom

The sunroom was warm and cozy, despite the six inches of snow that blanketed the ground. It extended to the left of the living room, on the west side of the house. Three of the four walls were five inch thick panels of glass, that extended from ceiling to floor. An extra large hanging basket of flourishing pansies hung in the furthest center and right corner. These beauties have been growing for months, and add the perfect touch of color to the sunroom.

Collete sat in her oversized dark blue velvet chair, waiting for the filter to percolate her hot blueberry tea. The chair was a gift from her mother, and Collete’s favorite spot in the world. Sitting just to the left of the entrence, here, she watched sunsets, read, found inspiration for her writing, knitted, among other things.

This was written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge

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Dialogue Prompt Challenge

I am devilishly curious🤪 What took you there in the first place? Why can’t you just behave? Are you human or a new life form? Creature perhaps? Is this reality? Some bizarre dream from eating to much chocolate before bed?

* Please keep your response under 250 words. I can’t wait to read them. *

Most importantly, Have Fun

* Anyone, who feels inspired, can participate. Please tag your post #NDPC

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