Writing Prompt #9

Writing Prompt #9

This is being written for Sarah Elizabeth Moore’s Prompt #9. You can find the details HERE :p

Let me tell you how lucky I REALLY am that I’ve gone through the hardships I have.

Say what?

Yes! The hardships I’ve faced have shown me the value of happy, the true meaning of joy when I feel it, and the gift of laughter.

The hardships have taught me to be present as often as possible. They’ve taught me to respond to situations, rather than react.. And to break down my thoughts until I see truth.

I’m so really lucky to have faced the hardships of my childhood because they taught me what to prevent with my daughters.

I’ve been lucky to expierence the hardships with my boyfriend because they’ve taught me love is WORK… And a choice.

I’ve never had “it easy”. I’ve not had much just given to me in nearly 20 years. These storms in life have built my character, and I don’t think I’ve turned out so badly.

12 responses to “Writing Prompt #9”

  1. You’re an awesome lady! I can tell you’re an awesome mom, you’re an awesome person and I bet there’s days where you’re even an awesome girlfriend! 😝😆

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  2. Yes! I love the sentiment here! People always ask about regrets, and I have to say… I don’t have many. Have I messed up? Of course. Do I wish I could undo some things I’ve done that have hurt people? More than anything. Do I enjoy struggle? No, not so much. But… I am so thankful because these are the things that have taught me and helped me grow into the woman I am. We can learn from mistakes and trials!

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