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Att: Special Report 📣

Wow oh wow you guys, I kinda look like death right now. It’s not at all flattering on me; however, it’s best I wear it than my girls feel terrible and sick.

My nose has been running. I don’t have the energy to chase it anymore. Anyone wanna take the next shift? There’s donuts involved?! You don’t even have to blow it ( erm.. Uh..), wipe it… I can manage that much.

Some brat is pounding on my temples. OUCH!! I need it to stop for the love of God. I can’t think straight line this. Oh you hush all the way in the back, I do to think. It’s just on special occasion as of lately.

My chest feels lighter, since I kicked the elephant off of it. That’s funny huh, like I stand a chance to an elephant. You see, the trick is peanuts.. They’ll come running to anyone or anywhere they lay. I really can’t blame them, I love nuts myself. Uuummmmm….

Moving right along, to the left here you’ll see a lung. It’s not in the best of shape, due to the cold and lack of exercise. I can work on that though, if I stop coughing it up. (And this snow would take a hike! Yes, nearly April and we have snow).

OK, well I’m off back to bed. My body needs so much rest. Happy Sunday Lovelies 🌺

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New life 💐🌼🌺🌸🌷🌹

New Life 💕

I love that metaphor about the flowers and blooming. Each one never compares itself to the one on either side, or close by. Each one just soaks up the sun, and the water, growing upward towards the light. Growing and growing by itself, from a tiny seed.

So much beauty comes from a tiny little seed. It’s amazing! The seed never doubts it’s ability, doesn’t stop in fear, doesn’t hide from possibilities. This living thing just grows, providing such a gift to earth, humans, and all that’s around.

There’s so much we can learn from that seedling. Being brave enough to live aside from what could go wrong. Soaking up light, allowing it to nurture our souls, and encourage us to share the beauty. It’s teaching us that we need not be concerned about comparison, it’s not anything useful for us. That seed teaches us to trust our roots, to let them push us upward and grow.

Bloom where you are planted 🌺🌻🌳🌸🌷🌼

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Sides of The Law

What side the law you on

When that round pops,

And that black man’s laying on the ground.

When a cell phone captures the scene,

And there’s no chance he’d make it

Home that night.

What side the law you on

When the badge becomes an

Excuse to abuse it’s powers

And violate human rights.

When the truth is masked by blackmail

And prejudice fokes don’t give AF.

What side the law you on

When the victim is a wife,

Of a cop, a military man, or pastor.

When she hides her eyes, and

Covers her skin, in fear of repercussions.

What side the law you on

When that boy stuffed his pockets,

Hungry, cold, and suffering,

Can’t go home because his daddy would rape him.

His mommy is on drugs and

There’s no means of surviving.

What side of the law you on

When she’s on the street corner

Doin what she do

To feed her babies, pay those bills

Because one mistake put felon

On her record.

What side the law you on

When the husband was the victim

His wife a crazy bitch,

Police report is a waste of time

Until he met his creator

And she went to far.

There’s the ” law ” and there’s

Right and truth.

What should never happen is


Because of violence? Race? Fear? Pride?

Because of judgements and hate.

Be on the right side… Do what’s right.

Start with yourself.

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March 30, 2019- National Day Calendar


Special shout out to all of you who work in the medical field. Thank you for all you do.


I would love to do this today, but I think it’s going to rain all day. If you can, maybe you can go walk the park 🙂


This day is recognizing ” Alexander Haig statement on March 30, 1981, after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.” This link provided some simple ways to help you feel a bit more in control of your life 🙂 Cool huh?!!


Virtual vacation day, what’s not to love??!!! Grab some Virtual Reality glasses and travel the work, without leaving your couch or spending a fortune!

Here you go 🙂 Virtual Reality Gear. There’s a variety of styles, brands, and prices. You can find the one that best suits you. I have a pair and my daughters LOVE looking in them.

  1. Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset
  2. Virtual Reality Headset VR Headsets, VR SHINECON 3D VR Glasses for TV, Movies & Video Games – Virtual Reality Glasses VR Goggles Compatible with iOS, Android and Other Phones Within 4.7-6.0 inch


Super cool History lesson here!!


This sounds yummy though I’ve never had it or know how to make it 🙂

— Read on

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Show & Tell

Formulated for Rachel Poli’s Time to Write Picture Prompt 😀 You can read more by clicking the hyperlink 🙂

{ Younger Brandy presenting Linux to her Kindergarten friends}

This is Linux. Today, I brought him in for Show & Tell at school. Ms. Brandy said I could bring him. My mom wasn’t happy about it; but she finally said yes. Linux has been my friend for all my life. When I was born, he would listen to music with me in the nursery. I don’t remember that, but it’s what my mom told me. She bought him from the Pets Plus shop down the road from us. I love going there. I love seeing all the animals and the owners. It kinda makes me sad, too. I always want to bring all the animals home so they have a home. My mom always laughs and says,

” You can when you win the lottery; otherwise you’ll need a really good paying job. ”

I don’t even know what that is, but I know one day I’ll have lots of money to buy all the animals.

Ok, that’s it.

For the record, this is complete fiction 🙂

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Trapped Trauma

Did you know that when you remember a memory, it’s potentially being reformed? That’s right, your memories are recreated by brain protein.

” One of the scientists who has done the most to illuminate the way memory works on the microscopic scale is Eric Kandel, a neuroscientist at Columbia University in New York City. In five decades of research, Kandel has shown how short-term memories—those lasting a few minutes—involve relatively quick and simple chemical changes to the synapse that make it work more efficiently. Kandel, who won a share of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, found that to build a memory that lasts hours, days or years, neurons must manufacture new proteins and expand the docks, as it were, to make the neurotransmitter traffic run more efficiently. Long-term memories must literally be built into the brain’s synapses. Kandel and other neuroscientists have generally assumed that once a memory is constructed, it is stable and can’t easily be undone. Or, as they put it, the memory is “consolidated.”

You can read the entire article HERE!!

This brief paragraph explains how this process of creating memories works and the evidence of doubt in memory stability once they’ve been established.

Consider this then, every time you are not in the present, you could be recreating painful memories unnecessarily. There’s the gift behind the idea that we should “be”, here and now. We are literally prolonging our suffering. Seems silly to me. We have so much more power over our lives than most realize.

Isn’t it time we start making life maxed out with wonderful days and great things?!

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Almost There…

I’m trying to reach 10K views by the end of the month! Please send people my way 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

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How to Listen Without Getting Defensive

I will be the first to say ” I Do This!! ” No, I don’t want to, so I’ve been working on it.

Today I learn something so interesting, our neurotransmitters filter all the information we absorb. Now, when we hear a ” difference of opinion” about a subject of our deep concern, because it’s of importance to us, we get defensive! It’s the same process that occurs if we see a loved one getting attacked.

This particular article talks about how we can work ourselves out of that defense mode. These are EASY AND SIMPLE changes that can strengthen our relationships of any level!

You’ve Got This!! Good Luck!

Here’s the key to listening non-defensively.
— Read on

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I Dedicate…

This is being formulated for the One Word Prompt Challenge: dedicate! Photos have been taken from Pinterest.

🌼 I dedicate this post to every warrior who’s survived abuse: whether you’re a man, woman, gender fluent, survived emotional abuse, sexual, or physical. An individual who lives to tell their story of every, any, and all situations where he/she endured forced harm is beyond surviving. You are amazing, and you need to believe this about you. 🌸

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Barely??!! Anyone else??😂

Good Morning 🦋🌞 How’s everyone doin? How strong is your coffee this morning? I have a fresh cup sitting next to me 🙂

My night consisted of three hours of a harsh dry cough. It was great fun. My chest is tight, so I diagnosed myself with an upper respiratory infection. Once I got that under control, my back started bothering me.

This morning, however, I was thankful that I walked to the coffee pot, and it was prep for brewing. That little detail is what makes life wonderful. Those moments of pure relief, of utter bliss, or complete contentment. When something makes life alittle easier, when something feels incredible, we should embrace the whole experience.

Anyway, have a fantastic weekend!