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Always Seek An Adventure

A man dressed as Superman smiles at patient Joao Bertola, 2, and his father at the Hospital Infantil Sabara in Sao Paulo, Brazil. -Nacho Doce / Reuters

(taken from Pinterest) Taken from buzzfeednews


The little boy smiled in wide-eyed wonder! There before him, Superman, swinging from his super strong chord!! The boy laughed with utter delight, gibbering to his father. The story couldn’t escape his lips fast enough. He giggled and pressed his tiny little palm against the glass. Superman raised his hand, and met the little boys. Joao looked at his father with the most intrepid sense in his eyes, nearly ready to jump on the ledge himself.

Superman was his little man’s favorite. He loved the red cape, and matching boots. The hard days, when Joao struggles to get through chemo treatment, Superman is always there. He’s cheering Joao on, reminding him that not all heroes wear capes. He even agreed to give little Joao his cape when the last treatment is finished.

Together, they worked through the fight. The cancer was gone, and the two heroes remained friends.

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: intrepid

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I’m sitting here, thinking about another blogger who wrote a “sit in” post. {That which is written while at the place the post takes place}.

I’m here @ McDonald’s (🥴); there’s only so much my girls would eat right now.

We are the only individuals in the seating area and playground.

Our store location is on the corner, from a Shell gas station ($2.29/gallon), Happy’s Pizza (which is disgusting to me!), and this other business I can’t see out the window.

The weather isn’t too cold, just enough to tease us of how Spring feels.

The customers are accumulating, a very odd set of three came in… Two of three in hoodies. I would say they’re high school age.

I’m sitting here drinking a large Dr Pepper. The staff is talking loud enough for everyone to hear. When I worked in fast food, we didn’t talk like that.

Today’s been an emotional day, most defiantly when my mind created problems that I don’t believe existed. I couldn’t get loose from the anxiety. I guess I should be gentle on myself for trying.

Anyway, this momma is utterly drained. Seven thirty can’t come soon enough.

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Fandango’s Provacative Question

Fandango’s Provacative Question:

““The fundamental cause of the trouble is that, in the modern world, the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubts.”

~ Bertrand Russell,

the British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, essayist, social critic, political activist, and Nobel laureate.’ -Fandango

Do you concur with Mr. Russell’s perspective? Why or why not?

We all are born with intelligence. There isn’t a person who doesn’t have it. Here Mr Russell is comparing intelligence of Group A with Group B. I don’t agree with that in the least. It’s morally distributing and it emphasizing the idea of bullying. We all are intelligent. We are simply diverse in the areas of what we know.

Now, the matter of ignorance. Some of us do feel a sense of righteousness. That’s fact. It goes without saying, individuals who fly lips, sink ships. These individuals choose to verbalize what comes to mind, without filter, and without thought. It sparks concern for me to question

  • Their integrity and character.
  • What kind of childhood did they have.
  • Do they imitate his /her parents.
  • The universal truth vs what they truly believe to be fact.

It’s a character flaw to consider oneself better than, higher than, and/or more intelligent than anyone else. There’s just so many elements to consider ; however, rather than judging.

On the other hand, there are individuals who speak few but true words. They listen with purpose, question in flowing information, and may even research on their own to find answers. These individuals doubt because learning is growth. Learning is change. They understand the concept that we humans should be lifelong students, and that knowledge is power. It shouldn’t stop with a high school or college degree. It doesn’t stop when someone steps outside an established school, or ” educational setting”.

That’s who they are. These individuals may have been raised by a parent who understands this or may have developed this perspective on his/her own.

What I know for certain, the ideas that escape our mouths define a piece of us. This information can birth so many versions of the idea, truth or lie. We are responsible for what we say; and it’s wise to be certain rather than to feel like a fool.

We’re all very capable of demeaning something as false. Likewise, we’re all capable of stating a fact. It’s not a matter of stupid vs intelligent. It’s a matter of what one chooses to do with the given information.



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Universe Connection

It’s crazy how connected I am with the vibes around me. I literally just went from 0 to 100% on the pissed off scale. Not a good state of mind at midnight. I’ve been super emotional and not sure how to get a reign on it. Anyway, shortly after, these messages showed up in my life. Thankfully, my heart thrives best because I notice when I’m being spoken to. Though, the second is hard to do, it’s a comfort to feel my thoughts acknowledged.