Writing Prompt #6: Soul Mates

Writing Prompt #6: Soul Mates
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My Contribution:

When it comes to Soul Mates…I pray each of you finds one magical, like mine!

Most of my experiences with this man have been everything but traditional. We met online. We’ve spent most of our quality time intimate, at my home. We’ve gone through so many challenges that would have ruined most couples. We’ve rediscovered one another and right now, we’re refalling in love.

Two days ago, we celebrated our 2nd year together. Right now, though life has changed our relationship dynamics, we still remain so strong.

When I became a mom, I felt a different kind of complete. With him, it’s it’s own special kind of feeling of complete. He’s the support under my wings. He’s my drive to be a better woman, and to grow as a woman. He makes me feel things I can’t describe and inspiration I’ve never had. I believed in love before him… But, no, I wasn’t ever in love before him.

I pray you find the one who fits with you perfectly. I pray that you have or find your soul mate. I pray that when you find this individual, you keep ahold of him /her tightly. I pray that if this is something you’ve lost, you’ll smile for having had it and hold hope to find it again.

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